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Drood Henge (transcript)

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This is the transcript for the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Drood Henge".

[Scene: Robotropolis, nighttime and raining.]

Chuck: Come on, Dulcy.
Dulcy: Goin' down, Sally!
Sally: Whoa!
Chuck: Come on... straighten it out.
Dulcy: Hold on, Sally!
Sally: Don't worry.
Dulcy & Sally: Whoa!
Dulcy: Sorry.
[The rain stops]
Dulcy: Not too shabby. You okay, Sally? Sally?
Sally: [groans] If you don't count my stomach.
Chuck: Are you girls all right?
Dulcy: We're fine, Uncle Chuck.
Chuck: Thanks for getting here so fast.
Sally: What's wrong?
Chuck: It's all on here. [Gives a disk to Sally.]
Snively (recording): We're very close to finding the first Drood Henge scroll, Sir. Yes, Sir.
Dulcy: Who's he talking to?
Chuck: Robotnik. I could only record one side of the conversation.
Snively (recording): Yes, Sir. We will continue the search.
Sally: Drood Henge. There's something familiar about that name.
Chuck: It was a royal family secret.
Sally: R-Really? But I was never told.
Chuck: You were only five when Robotnik took over. It concerns the legendary Deep Power Stones, capable of incredible power or incredible destruction.
Sally: Nicole, access information on Drood Henge.
Nicole: Access denied, Sally. Time encoded lockout.
Chuck: Your father inserted many programs into Nicole. Some are time-locked until you come of age.
Sally: But that's 2 years from now. In the meantime, we've gotta find this "Drood Henge".
Chuck: Before Robotnik does. The idea of that fiend having such awesome power...

[Scene Change: Robotropolis, Robotnik's Command Center]

Robotnik: [Laughs] Hmm... [Examines the pages of a book]
Snively (via hologram): Oh, good news, Sir! I've found the first scroll.
Robotnik: Excellent, Snively. Keep searching. I've nearly translated their language.
Snively (via hologram): Yes, Sir.
Robotnik: Input this data.

[Scene Change: Hot Springs.]

Sonic the Hedgehog: Well, Big Guy, is this cool or is this cool?
Tails: Way, way past, Sonic.
Sonic: You and me Tails. This is our secret place.
Tails: Cool!
Sonic: But ya gotta be careful around here. [Picks up a rock] Check this.
[Sonic tosses the rock, which hits with a "boom" a green cloud]
Tails: Whoa. That's awesome.
[A large airship flies over them]
Tails: [Gasps] Wow! That thing's huge.
Sonic: One of Robuttnik's freighters. Let's check it out.

[Scene Change: Hot Springs, cliff.]

[Tails and Sonic are watching Robotnik's robots.]
Tails: What is it, Sonic?
Sonic: They're lookin' for somethin'.
Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Man, I hate those orb-heads.
Tails: No problem-o. I gotta plan.
Sonic: Yo, Tails! What plan?
Tails: Bullseye!
Sonic: That was cool, Big Guy. But next time you have a plan, check with me first. Teamwork is a big part of being a Freedom Fighter.
Tails: Okay, Sonic. Uh oh!
Sonic: Still ticking.
Tails: Hmm. Sal said it's...it's the red one.
Sonic: Way to go, Tails.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Dig Site, Control Center]

Snively: Orb surveillance malfunction, sector 4. Swat-Bot patrol, check and report.
Swat-Bot: Affirmative. On route.

[Scene Change: Hot Springs, cliff.]

Sonic: Looks like they found something. I'm goin' in for a close-up. Wait here.
Tails: Sonic, I wanna go too.
Sonic: Sorry, Big Guy. Solo time.
Tails: Why can't I go?
Sonic: Too dangerous down there. Hey, Freedom Fighters always follow orders right?
Tails: Right.
Sonic: Cool. Outta here! Hmm. Wonder what's in that box.
Tails: [Gasps] Sonic! Oh, no... Sonic, look out!
[Tails gets grabbed]
Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Tails!
Tails: Sonic! Help!

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Dig Site.]

[Tails sees a Swat-Bot carrying a strange box as he is hauled away. Sonic is following the Swat-Bot that has Tails and runs into them]
Sonic: Whoa! Guys, we gotta stop meetin' like this.
Swat-Bot: Hedgehog, priority one.
Swat-Bot #2: Surrender, hedgehog.
Sonic: You talkin' to me?
Swat-Bot #2: Surrender.
Sonic: Nah! This hedgehog never gives up. Gettin' late. Outta here!

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Dig Site, Control Center]

Swat-Bot: Intruder captured, Sir.
Snively: Not now. I have a bigger game in mind.
Tails: Sonic's gonna get you, Slop-ly
Snively: Quiet, you little twerp.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Dig Site]

Sonic: [Laughs] Yes! Am I cool, or am I cool? Whoa!

[Sonic back-flips over the Swat-Bot]

Sonic: Ciao, 'bot-heads!
Sonic: Cool. [Uses airjets in his sneakers]
Snively: Where -is- that rotten hedgehog? What was that?
Sonic: Que pasa, Snortly¨? That means "What's up?"
Snively: Take the hedgehog!

[Sonic jumps down and grabs Snively]

Snively: Hold your fire, hold your fire!
Sonic: Good boy, Snobbly. [Pats him on the head] How 'bout a tour?
Snively: Tour?
Sonic: Yeah. Let's start with the ol' power station. Now, tell Chrome-dome to release Tails.
Snively: Release the prisoner.
Sonic: You okay, little buddy?
Tails: No problem.
Sonic: Tell them all to return to stations.
Snively: Return to stations!
Sonic: The hedgehog is way, way past cool.
Snively: The hedgehog is way, wa...huh? Hey.
Sonic: Gotcha, Snobbly.
Tails: Cool.

[Sally is flying on Dulcy's back]

Dulcy: Sally, we're running out of trees.
Sally: I don't understand. Sonic -always- does his training missions in the Great Forest.
Dulcy: Well, we've covered the whole enchilada. What now?
Sally: [Sighs] Let's keep searching.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Dig Site, Power Station]

Sonic: Hey, Slime-ly! How do we shut down the power station?
Snively: I'm afraid it's rather complicated.
Sonic: -Un-complicate it.
Tails: I can do it, Sonic. Sally's been teaching me.
Sonic: You sure, fella?
Tails: Yeah.
Snively: The little twerp will never figure it out.
Sonic: Don't bet on it, Snobbly.
Tails: It's a grid inter-lock...
Snively: [Heard in the distance] Don't touch it.
Tails: No problem-o. Got it!
Sonic: Yo! the ol' lights are still on!
Tails: Give it a Sonic second.
Sonic: Mondo cool, Big Guy. It's rip 'n' roar time.

[Sonic speeds away with a screaming Snively]

Sonic: Enjoyed the quality time, Slime-ly.
Tails: [Laughs]
Sonic: Oh, and give our worst to the big, round guy. Ciao!
Snively: Oh, "the big, round guy" won't like this at all. Oh, I hate my life.

[Scene Change: Robotropolis, Robotnik's Command Center]

Snively (via hologram): Sir?
Robotnik: I've translated the ancient language, Snively. What is going on here?
Snively: The, um...the hedgehog was here, Sir.
Robotnik: The hedgehog? When!?
Snively: Last night, Sir.
Robotnik: And...you're only telling me -now-?
Snively: He destroyed the power station, Sir; it just came back online. But I found the second scroll!
Robotnik: That was fortunate timing, Snively. Transmitting translation key. I'm leaving immediately to personally supervise the dig. Have everything ready!

[Sally is still flying on Dulcy's back, as Dulcy is snoring]

Sally: Dulcy!
Dulcy: [Snorts] What? Don't worry, ma, I cleaned the cave.
Sally: It's Sonic.
Dulcy: Sonic? Where?
Sally: Three o'clock, westbound. He's headed home.
Dulcy: Music to my ears. Going down!

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Dig Site.]

[Robotnik's Hover Uni lands, as Robotnik exits and is greeted by Snively.]
Snively: Sir! Sir! I used your translation to read the scrolls...
Robotnik: And?
Snively: I've located the chamber.
Robotnik: Hmm. It's about time.
Snively: [Mumbling] You rotten bag of slime.
Robotnik: Did you say something, Snively?
Snively: I said "now is the time", Sir.

[Scene Change: Knothole]

Dulcy: Ouch! Oh. I could sure use a chin pad.
Sally: Sonic, I've got...
Sonic: Sally, I've got...
Sally: What?
Sonic: You first.
Sally: I have bad news
Sonic: Mine's worse.

[Scene Change: Sally's Hut]

Sally: ...and Nicole has the information, but won't release it until I come of age.
Sonic: Say what?
Sally: Until I'm 18.
Sonic: Yo, Nicole.
Nicole: Sonic, my main hedgehog. What up?
Sally: I hate when she talks like that.
Sonic: Ro-butt-nik's diggin' for the ol' D. P. stones. So, what happens when he finds them?
Sally: They'll power the Doomsday Project and all life could end, as we know it.
Sonic: Which means Sal would never come of age.
Nicole: You got it.
Sonic: Then what's the point?
Nicole: Hmm. Evaluating. Further delay does not compute.
Sonic: Any year now, Nicole...
Nicole: Access granted. Generating hologram.
Sally: Very good, Sonic.
Sonic: That's all I get, is a "very good"?
Sally: Well how about "stupendous!"
Sonic: I can live with that.
King (via recording): Sally, these are the Deep Power Stones.
Sally: Daddy?
King: Joined together this way, they're a source of limitless energy. Reverse them, and within 30 seconds they become a source of destruction. The Deep Power Stones are hidden at Drood Henge. This book is in the secrets vaults of the Royal Library; it will give you the location. There you will find these three scrolls. They disclose the location of the Deep Power Stones. Nicole knows the language.
Tails: Sonic, I saw that one!
Sally: You did? Where?
Tails: We saw Robotnik find it at some dig site in the Great Unknown.
Sally: You took Tails near Robotnik?
Sonic: Well, I...
Sally: Never mind. I don't wanna know. Nicole, apply translation to the box with the sun symbol.
Nicole: Box contains scroll revealing location of first Deep Power Stone.
Sally: Then Robotnik has the first stone! If he gets both, he'll have the power for the Doomsday Project!
Tails: Is...is that bad?
Sonic: Afraid so, Big Guy. If he gets both stones, we're history.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Dig Site]

Snively: This is very exciting, Sir.
Robotnik: Yes, well, we'll see, Snively. We'll see. Open it!

[The Swat- Bots remove a stone lid]

Robotnik: Ahh...that's it! Step aside there! Oh my. Yes.

[Scene Change: Knothole]

Tails: Sonic! Sonic, wait up!

[Tails lands next to Sonic and gives him a box]

Tails: Rotor said to be careful; the paint's not quite dry.
Sonic: No prob.
Sally: Sorry, Tails. This mission is too dangerous.
Tails: Huh? But I thought...
Sonic: I told him he could go, Sal.
Sally: Sonic, he's ten years old.
Sonic: Hey, he's passed three tough Freedom Fighter tests. I was doing solo missions when I was ten.
Sally: Uh-huh. Right. Without permission.
Sonic: He can come with me. I'll be responsible.
Sally: [Laughs] That'll be the day.
Sonic: Excuse me?
Sally: Fine! -You- be responsible.
Sonic and Tails: Way cool!
Dulcy: Oh, look; he's growing up.
Sally: Yes. I guess he is. [To Tails] Just be careful, honey, and do what Sonic says. Okay?
Tails: Okay, Aunt Sally. Promise.
Sonic: Let's kick it.
Sally: Good... luck! Alright, Dulcy. Let's go.
Dulcy: [Sniffles]
Sally: Uh, Dulcy?
Dulcy: This is so touching. [Cries]
Sally: [Sighs] Oh boy...

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Dig Site]

Robotnik: Release the surveillance Orbs. You're out there somewhere, hedgehog. I can feel you.
Tails: Come on. Come on. A little closer. Come on. That's cool.

[Tails runs with the box & an Orb follows him]

Robotnik: All units, surround Sector 5. Wait for my command. Run little Freedom Fighter; lead me to the hedgehog.
Dulcy: Oh...good job, Tails.

[Dulcy uses a mirror to signal Sally.]

Sally: He's on his way.
Sonic: Outta here!
Tails: [Loudly] Sally found it, Sonic!
Sonic: Way past!
Robotnik: What?!
Sonic: I knew she would, Big Guy!
Nicole: Calculating directions, Sonic. Take 4 steps forward.
Sonic: 1...2...3...4. This is it.
Robotnik: All units...stand by.
Sonic: Got it!
Tails: Great! I'll go tell Sally.
Robotnik: All units! The hedgehog has the stone! Get it!
Sonic: Buttnik's loosin' his touch. They should have been here by now.

[Swat-Bots appear and shoot at Sonic]

Sonic: Ahh. That's more like it! Hedgehog juicin' on the fast track!
Sally: Right on schedule. Let's find Dulcy.
Sonic: [Shouts]
Swat-Bot: Priority hedgehog, surrender!
Sonic: I surrender, I-I surrender.

[Sonic pulls out a Power Ring]

Sonic: Just kidding! Later!
Robotnik: Get him. Get him! [To his ship's Brain Bot] Launch the ship! Heat sensors. Scan hedgehog's projected path.
Brain Bot: Scanning...
Sonic: Man, the stupid Swat-Bots lost me! Come on. Come on... [Waits impatiently]
Brain Bot: Heat source located. Profile matches hedgehog. Inputting coordinates.
Robotnik: Launch Stealth Bots! All units, converge on broadcast coordinates. Hold your fire! I want that stone!
Sonic: Whoa! Man, they're cuttin' it pretty close. That's it. Getting warmer.

[Stealth Bots fly over and beyond Sonic]

Sonic: Cold again. Come on Ro-butt-nik; you're slipping, man.

[The Swat-Bots appear]

Sonic: Getting hotter. Now you're cooking!

[Sonic runs and then waits for until Robotnik's ship to land in front of him]

Sonic: Hey!

[Various Swat-Bots catch up]

Sonic: Ho-hum. Surrounded again. Some things never change.
Sonic: [In a funny voice] Here comes the dramatic entrance.
Robotnik: You're surrounded, hedgehog. I suggest you give me the stone.
Sonic: Now for the dramatic reply... No way, Robuttnik! If I can't have it...
Robotnik: No, no, no, hedgehog. Don't do it! Don't do it!
Sonic: ...no one can.

[Sonic tosses the fake Power Stone into a lava pool, as the stone goes "boom".]

Robotnik: NO!
Sally: It's Sonic!
Robotnik: No matter, hedgehog. I may not have the Power Stone, but I do have you.
Sonic: I don't think so big, round guy. [Whistles] Taxi!
Sally: Crack the whip, Dulcy!
Dulcy: Cracking!
Tails: Cool!
Robotnik: What is...?!
Sonic: Ciao, baby!

[Robotnik growls and Sonic laughs as the Freedom Fighters fly away on Dulcy]

[Scene Change: Near the Dig Site]

Sonic: Got it!

[Dulcy, Tails and Sally dance and cheer]

Tails: Yeah, Sonic! We did it!
Sonic: Thank you.

[Sally opens the box and gets the scroll]

Sally: Nicole, scanning mode please.
Nicole: Scanning. Displaying location, Sally.
Sally: [Laughs] I don't believe it!
Sonic: What?
Sally: It's right here.
Sonic: Where?
Sally: Here! [Points]
Sonic: Cool. Stand back, guys!

[Sonic uses a Sonic Spin to dig where Sally pointed]

Sonic: Bingo, ringo!

[Everybody cheers]

Sally: All this power... We should destroy it.
Sonic: I dunno, Sal; it might come in handy. We're going up against the Doomsday Project.
Sally: You're right. I have to hand it to you Sonic; that fake stone plan was brilliant.
Sonic: Brilliant? Come on, it was mondo stupendo.
Sally: [Laughs] You may be "mondo stupendo", but you are certainly not humble.
Sonic: Moi? Not humble? I don't think so! After all, it wasn't my plan.
Sally: What? But I thought that...
Sonic: Ladies and...ladies... meet the Plan-meister, the way, way cool Big Guy!
Tails: [Laughs]
Sally: Tails, you're amazing.
Dulcy: Oh. [Sobs] Oh, this is so touching.
Sally: Three cheers for our newest Freedom Fighter!
Sonic: Hip, hip...
Sonic, Sally and Dulcy: Hooray!
Sonic: Hip, hip...
Sonic, Sally and Dulcy: Hooray!
Sonic: Hip, hip...
Sonic, Tails, Sally and Dulcy: Hooray!
Tails: [Laughs]

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