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'''''Stay Sonic''''' is a guidebook detailing the world of [[Sonic the Hedgehog]] under the [[Early Sonic canon]]. It was published in the United Kingdom in 1993 by [[Penguin Books]] under the Fantail imprint, and was written by Mike Pattenden.

'''《Stay Sonic》'''是一本详细介绍[[Sonic the Hedgehog|刺猬索尼克]]世界的指南书,属于[[Early Sonic canon|早期索尼克官方设定]]。该书由Mike Pattenden撰写,于1993年在英国由[[Penguin Books|企鹅书籍]]出版,采用Fantail印记。
Coming out on the heels of ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog 2]]'', the book chronicled the history of Sonic himself, basing its tale upon [[Early Sonic canon|the backstory]] created for the character by Sega of America that involved [[Doctor Ovi Kintobor|Dr. Ovi Kintobor]] and his [[Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor]].

While this story had been entirely ignored by ''Sonic'' games (as Sonic Team had no involvement with creating this backstory) and almost entirely ignored by the cartoons and comics released in North America, it went on to become the backbone of almost all United Kingdom fiction, including the [[Virgin Books]] novels written by [[Martin Adams]] (particularly the time-travel story, ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension]]'') and the ''[[Sonic the Comic]]'' series published by [[Fleetway Editions]].
紧随''[[Sonic the Hedgehog 2|刺猬索尼克2]]''之后出版的这本书记录了索尼克自身的历史,其故事基于美国世嘉为角色创造的背景故事,涉及[[Doctor Ovi Kintobor|奥维·金托博士]]和他的[[Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor|逆轨道混沌压缩器]]。

尽管这个故事被''索尼克''游戏(由于索尼克团队没有参与这个背景故事的创造)和几乎所有在北美发布的动画和漫画完全忽视,但它后来成为了几乎所有英国小说的基础,包括[[Virgin Books]]由[[Martin Adams]](特别是时间旅行故事,''[[Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension|刺猬索尼克在第四维度]]'')撰写的小说,以及由[[Fleetway Editions|舰队版]]出版的''[[Sonic the Comic]]''系列。
In addition to this history lesson, the book also contained character profiles for the cast of the first two games, including the [[Animals|animal friends]] and [[Badnik]]s, descriptions of the planet [[Mobius]] and its many zones, and tips for the ''Sonic'' games.



===In the beginning===
===In the beginning===

===Sonic the Hedgehog===

===Are you a Sonic nut?===
===Are you a Sonic nut?===

===Dr Ivo Robotnik===
===Dr Ivo Robotnik===

===The Egg-O-Matic===
===The Egg-O-Matic===

===Robotnik's Badniks===
===Robotnik's Badniks===

===''Sonic II'' Mega Drive Tips===
===''Sonic II'' Mega Drive Tips===

===''Sonic II'' Master System Tips===
===''Sonic II'' Master System Tips===

===Sonic celebrities===
===Sonic celebrities===


===Breaking the Sonic Barrier===
===Breaking the Sonic Barrier===

===The Zone Zone===
===The Zone Zone===

===Sayonara Sonic===
===Sayonara Sonic(再见索尼克)===

*In the book, it is stated that Sonic loves burgers, tacos, nachos, fries, anything chocolate and cola while diet drinks, high bran, and lo-fibre foods are not his style.
*书中确认,[[Chopper|斩波者]]会攻击任何经过它们的人。书中还确认,[[Doctor Eggman|艾格曼博士]]给了斩波者们糟糕的脾气,以及它们的锋利牙齿和装甲鳍。
*The book confirms that [[Chopper]]s attack anybody who goes passes by them. The book also confirms that [[Doctor Eggman|Dr. Robotnik]] gave the Choppers a nasty temper along with their razor-sharp teeth and amoured fins.
*The book implies that [[Moto Bug]]s give [[Wikipedia:Common green bottle fly|green flies]] nightmares. The book also confirms that Moto Bugs are immune to any repellent (likely due to them being robots).
*书中暗示,[[Moto Bug|摩托虫]][[Wikipedia:Common green bottle fly|绿苍蝇]]带来噩梦。书中还确认摩托虫对任何驱虫剂都免疫(可能因为它们是机器人)。
*The book confirms that [[Crabmeat]] are selfish, but still hang around with a pal.
*书中暗示,[[Buzz Bomber|嗡嗡轰炸机]]是第一个具有从天而降攻击能力的[[Badnik|巴德尼克]]。
*The book implies that [[Buzz Bomber]]s are the first [[Badnik]] made with the ability to attack from the skies.
*The book confirms the two different colored [[Newtron]]s are different breeds of Newtron, with the blue ones being called '''Lesser-Spotted Blue Newtrons''' (or simply just '''Blue Newtrons'''), and the green ones being called '''Lesser-Spotted-Oh-Heck-It’s-That-One Green Newtron'''.
*The book states that the spines on the segments of a [[Caterkiller]] are covered in a fatal poison.
*The book states that [[Batbrain]]s usually investigate their surrounding areas once woken up by any movement.
*The book confirms that [[Roller]]s are based on a flightless bird (though mechanized almost beyond recognition).
*书中确认,[[Spikes (Badnik)|尖刺]]是[[Moto Bug|摩托虫]]和[[Crabmeat|蟹肉]]的混合体,暗示尖刺与这两种巴德尼克有关。书中还指出,尖刺喜欢将它们的前爪悬挂在建筑物的边缘,以捕捉任何向上跳跃的无知动物。
*The book confirms that [[Spikes (Badnik)|Spikes]] is a blend of both [[Moto Bug]] and [[Crabmeat]], suggesting that Spikes is related to both of those Badniks. The book also states that Spikes enjoy hanging their fore claws over the edges of buildings for any unwary animals who might be jumping upwards.
*The book states that [[Burrobot]]s are happy in both underwater and dry land, with their caterpillar treads also being able to easily climb steps. The book also states that the best way to annoy a Burrobot is to call it sissy and knock off their baseball cap.
*The book states that [[Jaws]] does not have a favourite colour (or anything for that matter), but they do have hobbies which consist of swimming and biting anything that moves.
*The book groups all the [[Orbinaut]]s from the first two games into a singular section. The book also confirms that the Orbinauts are part animal and robot, but all are considered nasty.
*[[Bomb (Badnik)|炸弹]]在书中被称为'''炸弹机器人'''(使它们成为书中唯一一个给出不同名称的巴德尼克)。书中还指出,炸弹机器人内部没有动物,是因为艾格曼博士在里面放了一公斤的炸药。
*The [[Bomb (Badnik)|Bomb]]s are referred to as '''Bomb Bots''' in the book (making them the only badnik with a different name given in the book). The book also states that the reason why the Bomb Bots do not have animals inside them is due to Dr. Robotnik putting a kilo of explosives inside them instead.
*[[Ball Hog|球猪]]被确认具有嗅出刺猬的能力。
*The [[Ball Hog]]s are confirmed to have the ability to sniff out hedgehogs.
*书中确认,[[Buzzer|蜂鸣器]]是[[Buzz Bomber|嗡嗡轰炸机]]的升级模型。书中还错误地指出,蜂鸣器比嗡嗡轰炸机快,而实际游戏中它们明显移动得更慢。书中还指出,蜂鸣器使野餐者的生活变得像地狱一样。
*The book confirms that [[Buzzer]]s are an upgraded model of [[Buzz Bomber]]. The book also erroneously states that [[Buzzer]]s are faster than [[Buzz Bomber]]s, whereas in actual gameplay they travel noticeably slower. The book also states that the Buzzers make life hell for picnickers as well.
*书中确认,[[Masher|大力水手]]是[[Jaws|大白鲨]]的一种大型淡水亲戚。书中还说明,大力水手只吃刺猬,并且会去每一个水池和瀑布试图捕食刺猬(尽管[[Emerald Hill Zone|翡翠山区]]唯一的刺猬就是索尼克)。
*The book confirms that [[Masher]]s are a large freshwater relative of [[Jaws]]. The book also states that Mashers only eat hedgehogs and that they go to every pool and waterfall to try and eat one (though the only hedgehog in [[Emerald Hill Zone]] is Sonic).
*The book states that offering tea to a [[Coconuts]] only makes them angrier and that they were designed to make a monkey out of Sonic.
*书中指出,任何进入[[Grabber|抓取者]]下方的东西都很可能被它吃掉,而且它们还能够发射尼龙网。由于抓取者不太挑食,这也是[[Chemical Plant Zone|化学厂区]]中没有出现许多巴德尼克的主要原因,因为很可能大部分都被抓取者抓住并吃掉了。
*The book states that anything that goes under a [[Grabber]] is likely to get eaten by it, and that they also have the ability to shoot out a nylon web. Due to the Grabbers not being very discriminating about who it grabs, it is the also main reason why not many badniks appear in [[Chemical Plant Zone]], as it is likely that the Grabbers grabbed and ate most of them.
*The book states that due to [[Spiny|Spinies]] being able to climb and stick onto walls and floors easily, they are the only badnik in Chemical Plant Zone that is not able to be grabbed and eaten by a Grabber (explaining why they are the only other badnik in Chemical Plant Zone).
*The book confirms that [[Whisp]]s are a microlite version of [[Buzzer]]. The book also confirms that the Whisps often tease [[Grounder]]s and beat up innocent bluebottles.
*The book confirms that [[Grounder]]s are a grumpier and elderly variant of [[Burrobot]].
*书中暗示,[[Chop Chop|斩斩]]既有大脑又有大身体。书中还确认,斩斩对刺猬的味道疯狂(类似于大力水手)。
*The book implies that [[Chop Chop]]s have both a big brain and body. The Chop Chops are also confirmed to go crazy for the taste hedgehog (similar to the [[Masher]]s).
*The book states that [[Rexon]] are one of the oldest inhabitants of [[Mobius]] and that they survived for a long time due to them being lava proof. However, due to Rexons being a badnik, it is unknown how they can both be one of the oldest things in Mobius and also be created by Dr. Robotnik.
*书中指出,[[Spiker (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)|尖刺者]]看起来像一个有四只螃蟹般腿和一个傻瓜帽的轨道战士。它还暗示尖刺者可能属于[[Orbinaut|轨道战士]]家族(因为被描述为轨道战士),但这还未被确认。
*The book states that [[Spiker (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)|Spiker]]s look like an Orbiton with four crab-like legs and a dunce's cap. It also implies that Spikers might be in the [[Orbinaut]] family (due to being described as an Orbiton), but this has not yet been confirmed.
*The book states that [[Flasher]]s are nasty when their light is off.
*The book confirms that [[Crawlton]] is the biggest creepy-crawly on Mobius. The book also states that Crawltons shoot their long neck at anyone who stands still for too long.
*The book confirms that [[Octus]] are half octopus and half helicopter. The book also states that Octus cannot squeeze oranges.
*书中指出,大多数[[Asteron|星爆]]因为[[Metropolis Zone|大都会区]]没有多少访客而沉睡。
*The book states that most [[Asteron]]s are fast asleep, due to there not being many visitors in [[Metropolis Zone]].
*The book confirms that [[Shellcracker]]s are a bigger variant (described as a bully big brother) to [[Crabmeat]]. The book also states that Shellcrackers cannot turn round.
*The book implies that [[Turtloids]] will make people into a soup if they are made fun of. The larger Turtloid is also described as a low-flying ancestor.
*The book states that [[Buzz Bomber]]s would have been a better choice to defend [[Sky Chase Zone]] instead of the [[Nebula]]s.
*书中指出,[[Buzz Bomber|嗡嗡轰炸机]]本来会是保卫[[Sky Chase Zone|天空追逐区]]的更好选择,而不是[[Nebula|星云]]
*The book states that [[Clucker]]s cannot turn around like [[Shellcracker]]s. The book also states that [[Clucker]]s are the only inhabitants of [[Wing Fortress Zone]] (besides Dr. Robotnik).
*书中指出,[[Clucker|鸡射手]]不能像[[Shellcracker|壳裂者]]一样转身。书中还指出,[[Clucker|鸡射手]][[Wing Fortress Zone|翼堡区]](除了艾格曼博士)的唯一居民。
*''Stay Sonic''标志着西方任何形式的''索尼克''媒体中首次使用诅咒语,书中在第22页描述索尼克为“相当该死的好奇”,并在第37页描述蜂鸣器为“为野餐者制造地狱”。
*''Stay Sonic'' marks the first instance of cursing used in any western form of ''Sonic'' media, as the book describes Sonic as "pretty damn nosy" on page 22, and describes Buzzers as "making hell for picnickers" on page 37.


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《Stay Sonic》是一本详细介绍刺猬索尼克世界的指南书,属于早期索尼克官方设定。该书由Mike Pattenden撰写,于1993年在英国由企鹅书籍出版,采用Fantail印记。

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尽管这个故事被索尼克游戏(由于索尼克团队没有参与这个背景故事的创造)和几乎所有在北美发布的动画和漫画完全忽视,但它后来成为了几乎所有英国小说的基础,包括Virgin BooksMartin Adams(特别是时间旅行故事,刺猬索尼克在第四维度)撰写的小说,以及由舰队版出版的Sonic the Comic系列。


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Sayonara Sonic(再见索尼克)[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

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  • 书中提到,索尼克喜欢汉堡、塔科、玉米片、薯条、任何巧克力和可乐,而不喜欢低热量饮料、高纤维和低纤维食物。
  • 书中确认,斩波者会攻击任何经过它们的人。书中还确认,艾格曼博士给了斩波者们糟糕的脾气,以及它们的锋利牙齿和装甲鳍。
  • 书中暗示,摩托虫绿苍蝇带来噩梦。书中还确认摩托虫对任何驱虫剂都免疫(可能因为它们是机器人)。
  • 书中确认,蟹肉是自私的,但仍然会和朋友一起出现。
  • 书中暗示,嗡嗡轰炸机是第一个具有从天而降攻击能力的巴德尼克
  • 书中确认,两种不同颜色的纽特龙是不同品种的纽特龙,蓝色的被称为较少见的蓝色纽特龙(或简称蓝色纽特龙),绿色的被称为较少见的哦,就是那个绿色纽特龙
  • 书中指出,毛虫杀手身上的刺覆盖着致命的毒素。
  • 书中指出,蝙蝠脑一旦被任何移动唤醒后,通常会调查它们周围的区域。
  • 书中确认,滚轮是基于一种无法飞行的鸟(尽管几乎无法辨认)。
  • 书中确认,尖刺摩托虫蟹肉的混合体,暗示尖刺与这两种巴德尼克有关。书中还指出,尖刺喜欢将它们的前爪悬挂在建筑物的边缘,以捕捉任何向上跳跃的无知动物。
  • 书中指出,钻地机器人在水下和陆地上都很开心,它们的履带也能轻松爬上台阶。书中还指出,惹恼钻地机器人的最好方式是叫它胆小鬼并且敲掉它们的棒球帽。
  • 书中指出,大白鲨没有喜欢的颜色(或任何东西),但它们确实有游泳和咬任何移动物体的爱好。
  • 书中将前两款游戏中的所有轨道战士归为一个单独的部分。书中还确认,轨道战士部分是动物和机器人,但都被认为是讨厌的。
  • 炸弹在书中被称为炸弹机器人(使它们成为书中唯一一个给出不同名称的巴德尼克)。书中还指出,炸弹机器人内部没有动物,是因为艾格曼博士在里面放了一公斤的炸药。
  • 球猪被确认具有嗅出刺猬的能力。
  • 书中确认,蜂鸣器嗡嗡轰炸机的升级模型。书中还错误地指出,蜂鸣器比嗡嗡轰炸机快,而实际游戏中它们明显移动得更慢。书中还指出,蜂鸣器使野餐者的生活变得像地狱一样。
  • 书中确认,大力水手大白鲨的一种大型淡水亲戚。书中还说明,大力水手只吃刺猬,并且会去每一个水池和瀑布试图捕食刺猬(尽管翡翠山区唯一的刺猬就是索尼克)。
  • 书中指出,给椰子提供茶只会让它们更加愤怒,而且它们的设计就是为了让索尼克出丑。
  • 书中指出,任何进入抓取者下方的东西都很可能被它吃掉,而且它们还能够发射尼龙网。由于抓取者不太挑食,这也是化学厂区中没有出现许多巴德尼克的主要原因,因为很可能大部分都被抓取者抓住并吃掉了。
  • 书中说明,由于刺客能够轻松地爬上墙壁和地面,它们是化学厂区中唯一一个不会被抓取者抓住并吃掉的巴德尼克(这解释了为什么它们是化学厂区中唯一的其他巴德尼克)。
  • 书中确认,威斯蜂鸣器的微型版本。书中还确认,威斯们经常戏弄钻地者并打击无辜的蓝蝇。
  • 书中确认,钻地者钻地机器人的更加暴躁和年老的变种。
  • 书中暗示,斩斩既有大脑又有大身体。书中还确认,斩斩对刺猬的味道疯狂(类似于大力水手)。
  • 书中指出,雷克森莫比乌斯上最古老的居民之一,它们之所以能长时间生存是因为它们对熔岩有免疫力。然而,由于雷克森是一个巴德尼克,它如何能同时是莫比乌斯上最古老的东西之一同时又是由艾格曼博士创造出来的,这一点不得而知。
  • 书中指出,尖刺者看起来像一个有四只螃蟹般腿和一个傻瓜帽的轨道战士。它还暗示尖刺者可能属于轨道战士家族(因为被描述为轨道战士),但这还未被确认。
  • 书中指出,闪光者的灯光熄灭时很讨厌。
  • 书中确认,爬行者是莫比乌斯上最大的爬行动物。书中还指出,爬行者会对任何站立不动太久的人射出它们的长脖子。
  • 书中确认,章鱼直升机是一半章鱼一半直升机。书中还指出,章鱼直升机不能挤橙汁。
  • 书中指出,大多数星爆因为大都会区没有多少访客而沉睡。
  • 书中确认,壳裂者蟹肉的更大变种(被描述为欺负人的大哥哥)。书中还指出,壳裂者不能转身。
  • 书中暗示,龟怪如果被取笑,会把人做成汤。更大的龟怪也被描述为低飞的祖先。
  • 书中指出,嗡嗡轰炸机本来会是保卫天空追逐区的更好选择,而不是星云
  • 书中指出,鸡射手不能像壳裂者一样转身。书中还指出,鸡射手翼堡区(除了艾格曼博士)的唯一居民。
  • Stay Sonic标志着西方任何形式的索尼克媒体中首次使用诅咒语,书中在第22页描述索尼克为“相当该死的好奇”,并在第37页描述蜂鸣器为“为野餐者制造地狱”。

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